How to get iOS 17.6 Developer beta for free, without needing a beta profile

Apple is currently testing iOS 17.6, the sixth major update for the iOS 17 operating system released in September. This update doesn’t bring many new features but focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes.

This article will guide you on how to get the latest beta software for free.

Don’t forget back up your devices :warning:

Please note that you are about to install beta software. Always back up your data and files before installing beta versions. We recommend that you do a backup using Finder. Select your device from Locations in the Finder sidebar. Create a backup then click Manage Backups to Archive your backup.

Learn how to backup your iPhone →
Learn how to backup your iPad →

Method 1: Log in to the Apple Developer Center using your Apple ID

Simply log in with your Apple ID into the Apple Developer Center (without the need to pay the annual fee), and you will have access to the entire collection of free beta software for developers.

Simply sign in to the Apple Developer Center (Sign In - Apple) using your Apple ID. Then, you can check in Settings - General - Software Update - Beta Updates, and you’ll see the option for iOS 17 Developer Beta there. Select it, and you’ll receive the iOS 17 beta update.

If your device is running iOS/iPadOS 16.3 or earlier:

Tap on the link depending on your device to download the beta profile. Your device will notify you when the profile has been downloaded. Open Settings, tap the profile and follow the onscreen instructions to allow installation.

Method 2: Using beta IPSW files

This method requires you to have a Mac or Windows PC to install the .ipsw file through Finder/iTunes.

Beta IPSW files can be found for free on this website:

I have a detailed tutorial on how to install IPSW files, which you can find here: A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install IPSW Beta for iPhone and iPad

I hope these methods will help you get the iOS 17/iPadOS 17 beta on your device.


The developer site you attached is not working. The IPSW website you posted is up, but iOS 17 is not there yet. How much longer do you expect for it to be available?

It’s supposed to be a couple of hours until anything goes live on Apple’s side, so I’d imagine end of today

yeah, the site is still down for maintenance. you can see whats currently unavailable. once everything is up and running, it will be just a matter of minutes before accessible to all.

The website will be overclogged for the first few hours too

The first option worked!!

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Lets fun begin ^^

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How did you manage to do that? It doesn’t even losd the website for me

Go to settings and software update and click beta updates and iOS 17 Dev Beta. If you dont see it try to restart settings a couple times.

Yes, but how did you get access to Developer Beta?

no, if you added the phone before, you could see the option already.

Can someone report on the stability of said beta once someone here gets access?

I am considering installing it if it won’t have any critical bugs like data corruption etc.


sure thing! Probably they will be as always are. But hopefully not the big one which will be annoying

Yea I fully expect bugs to be there, I only want to make sure that there won’t be any bugs that would corrupt my data or brick my phone (infrequently or not it doesn’t matter).

If it will be safe to use it, I will most likely install it (after I make a backup onto my external HDD via the tutorial linked here)

Do I have to install the latest iOS 16 beta version to show the 17 or they show both and I can choose which one I want?

It will give you an option for “Beta Updates” then once you click itll have ios 16 and ios 17 …

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I need to connect my iphone to my pc to install that 16.6 beta profile right?

does ios 16.6 beta need to be installed for the beta profile workaround to work?

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They show both and you can choose which one you want.

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No computer required, just follow the steps at the beginning of the article.