How to get iOS 17.6 Developer beta for free, without needing a beta profile

No, you don’t need install iOS 16.6.

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hey. method 1 worked for me and i have option for dev beta ios 17. will the next updates work till the end of ios 17 beta in september or i will have to do something weird for every next beta?

I tried doing the method 3 times already but everytime i installed the profile and restarted my device it doesnt pop up with ios 17, i turned off auto updates aswell, could it be because im using the ios 16 public beta?

Disregard, I logged into and I got iOS 17 in my updates

I download the 16.6 beta profile provided on this post and I hen restart and the profile is no longer there

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Anyone got any idea how to fix?

For method 3, I’m not getting the file selection dialog box after Option + clicking Update

nothing happens

It is highly likely that you will continue to receive updates throughout the lifespan of the iOS 17 beta.

So i have the Apple Developer account for three more days (but I don’t want to renew it) so I’m downloading the beta onto my Mac, but where can I find the .app file so I can create a bootable flash drive with the installer on it? (BTW I’m on Ventura 13.5, which removed the seedutil)

та же проблема

Обновляю - у меня все получилось, когда я зарегистрировался на сайте разработчиков apple, ничего не платил.

Are you able to help me? Every time I download the profile it automatically disappears

Have you tried disabling the Automatic Update feature?
If the above methods don’t work, then you can only install using the IPSW file.

Also is there a way to update my watch also? I don’t want to update to iOS 17 if my watch is rendered useless

I installed the beta profile and am on iPadOS 16.6 now, but can’t install 17 because I need a dev account… I thought you said it was free?

I’m having the same issue. I install the profile then it disappears and iOS 17 doesn’t show

Many people have followed this method and received the iOS 17 beta today. On my Twitter, everyone seems to be delighted about this. If you belong to the minority who cannot apply the method of using the iOS 16 beta profile, you can install alternative IPSW files. I have shared various methods that you can apply.

Is there a way to download watchOS 10? I don’t want to get iOS 17 and not use my watch

I tried using the IPSW, and it didn’t do anything. I shift-clicked update (and restore after it didn’t work), selected the IPSW file, nd the dialog box closed and didn’t do anything. I tried using a different software, and it said “IPSW Verification Failed”

I got the profile working. Go login into the dev portal on Apple site from your phone. (No need to pay for the $99.) then to back to your setting and check for update and change to iOS 17

Question for you kind sir. I got the profile for the watch. But I’m kind of worried about upgrading. Are you in watchOS 10? And if so how’s it working?