What's New in iOS 18 Beta 3 [Updated]

Apple today released iOS 18 Beta 3 and iPadOS 18 Beta 3 for developers, continuing to refine and add small changes. Below is everything new I have found in Beta 3 so far.

In case you missed it, here are the features included in iOS 18 Beta 2 →

What’s New in iOS 18 Beta 3 Update (Revised version released on 15/7)

Emoji Keyboard Changes

In the iOS 18 Beta 3 Update, the Emoji keyboard has now reverted to its previous state. In the iOS 18 Beta 3 released last week, the Emoji keyboard was adjusted to be larger and included both your Memoji and Stickers.

It’s unclear whether this is a bug or an intentional change by Apple.

Fixed Tinting Icon Bug

The tinting bug where icons are getting darker than the color you choose introduced in Beta 3 is fixed in Beta 3 Update. They’re actually usable now.

Here are the other changes in iOS 18 Beta 3 :point_down:

Dark Icons for Third-party Apps

Some third-party apps now have dark icons after updating to iOS 18 Beta 3 without the developers needing to update their apps.​

Emoji Keyboard Update

iOS 18 Beta 3 makes emojis on the keyboard bigger, with more space between them.

Additionally, in Messages, the Emoji keyboard now combines emojis, Memojis, and stickers into a single interface. You can swipe back and forth to browse different tabs dedicated to Stickers or Memojis.

Flashlight UI Update

When you turn on the flash on an iPhone with Dynamic Island, now the flashlight UI will be significantly larger, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness and spread of the flashlight.


New Music Button on Lock Screen and Control Center

iOS 18 Beta 3 also adds a button to open Music from the Lock Screen or Control Center

RCS Messaging Settings

iOS 18 Beta 3 has changed the RCS Messaging settings to a tap-in menu. In iOS 18 Beta 2, this option was shown as an on/off toggle.

RCS Expands to More Carriers

iOS 18 Beta 3 has expanded RCS messaging capabilities to more countries outside the United States. For example, carriers like Videotron, Telus Mobility, and Bell in Canada, Telefonica in Spain, SFR in France and O2 in Germany.

Maps Icon

The Maps app icon now looks much more vibrant when Dark Mode is activated.

Image credit Andrew Clare

New Dynamic Wallpaper

The iOS 18 wallpaper now includes a Dynamic version that changes colors based on the time of day.

Reminds me of the macOS Ventura Dynamic wallpaper.


Photos App

In iOS 18 Beta 3, Apple has removed the border in the default photo/video viewing mode.

Additionally, the Select button has now been added to the default view in Photos, and the search button is now just an icon and is colored blue.

Control Center

Apple has changed the tap behavior for the Connectivity module. Now, when you tap on the AirDrop, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth controls, submenus will appear instead of requiring a long press as in Beta 2. A small arrow icon has been added to the right side to indicate that you can now tap once on the control.

To turn off or disconnect a control, tap on its icon.

Control Center Settings

There is an animated illustration in Settings - Control Center to guide you on how to customize and use the new Control Center in iOS 18 Beta 3.

Vehicle Motion Cues Settings

The Vehicle Motion Cues setting has also been updated to a tap-in menu in Beta 3, in Beta 2 this option was shown as an on/off toggle.

Apple TV

The InSight feature is now working in the Apple TV app in iOS 18 Beta 3 (and tvOS 18 Beta 3).

This feature is similar to Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray, showing information about actors and songs currently on screen.

Single-square HomeKit Control

iOS 18 Beta 3 brings back the 1x1 size control for HomeKit accessories in Control Center. This option was available in Beta 1, but for some reason, it disappeared in Beta 2.


In Settings - Battery, there’s a new reminder that the update will finishing in background, and you can use your iPhone as usual. This process will take some time, and during it, your iPhone’s battery may drain faster than normal until the update is finished.

Image credit u/zouinenoah29

If you discover any other changes in iOS 18 Beta 3, or iPadOS 18 Beta 3, feel free to share with us by commenting below :point_down:


The new siri UI still works with cowbunga right?

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haven’t tried installing the Siri UI tweak w/ cowabunga ever since db2 removed it. has a anyone tried putting it back on db3?

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Just installed iOS 18 beta 3 and noticed my Apple Store keeps crashing when launching and the app isn’t dark when dark mode is enabled. I have restarted my phone and removed and reinstalled the Apple Store app. Erased all contents and settings then restored didn’t fix it as well.

It doesn’t work :frowning:

No, Apple patched it in Beta 2.

I have the same issue; it seems like a bug. Please take the time to submit a report to Apple in the Feedback app :wink:

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I don’t have that problem, the app works correctly, the only bug it continues to maintain since beta 2 is that the app count to update does not disappear once the app is updated and you refresh the screen, it has been dragging since beta 2, it is not a major evil, the App Store works correctly, at least in the EU version :sunglasses:

As in all summaries, clear text, images and fluent reading!!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

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some reporting of messages app & random apps crashing on iPhone 15 models when updating to Beta 3.


My iPhone 15 Pro Max has been fine so far; I haven’t experienced any app crashes :thinking:

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My iPhone 14 Pro has not experienced any problems with the latest update.

It seems that iOS 17 Developer Beta 3 is stable enough for Apple to turn it into iOS 18 Public Beta 1.

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A beta 3 of IOS 18 and Mac 15 has just been released:

  • iPadOS 18 beta 3 (22A5307i) - July 15, 2024
  • macOS 15 beta 3 (24A5289h) - July 15, 2024
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is there any possible way to get the new Siri UI in beta 3?

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Unfortunately, no.

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what’s the difference of Public Beta 1 and the New Developer Beta 3

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Pretty much nothing but developer beta has a few extra features

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Exactly!! At the moment we are in the implementation and compliance of the regulations in the different regions (such as the EU), so we will be in a transition until at least next year.

They are the same, both having the build ID 22A5307i.

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