Apple will change the Beta installation process in the future

With the iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 betas, those who are enrolled in Apple’s developer program are able to turn on developer betas directly from the Software Update section in the Settings app.

This will eliminate the need to install a profile from the Developer Center in order to get developer betas, simplifying the beta downloading process. There is also an option for public beta testers as well who want to install updates with less hassle.

This is a strong move by Apple to prevent the public sharing of beta profiles. Apple has repeatedly sent requests to remove from our servers, but they have been unsuccessful. Therefore, they have threatened to sue us if is not taken down. That’s why we had to shut down our website in August 2022.

However, the story doesn’t stop, there are many other websites sharing beta profiles that have emerged, and Apple seems to know that they can’t stop this, so they changed the way to receive beta updates as mentioned above.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


This day will come, sooner or later.
I believe the beta profile will be dead soon.

Does that mean we don’t need beta profiles anymore? Even public beta?

We won’t know until iOS 17 is released.
But I think Apple will soon drop the beta profile and switch to using Apple ID to install beta software.


R.I.p I just enrolled my device from the Apple website I just need to know how to enroll my Apple TV from the website

From your Apple TV, go to Settings > System > Software Update and turn on Get Public Beta Updates. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete enrollment.


I guess Apple still keep public beta profiles so everything is fine, just have to wait 1 more month.

I don’t think so, in the screenshot of the iOS 16.4 Beta 3 in Software Update, Apple added a login button with Apple ID that has enrolled in Apple Beta Software Program (Public beta) and Apple Developer Program (Developer beta). That means they will stop using beta profiles and move to Apple ID to download future beta updates.

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Ok thanks for your help



Hi everyone it is best option