What’s New in iOS 18 Beta 1 [Part 2]

I have shared nearly 60 new features and changes in iOS 18 Beta 1 and I feel like that post was too long and Discourse (the source code of this forum) does not allow me to write more than 32,000 characters in a post :saluting_face:, so I decided to do a part 2 to continue sharing with you the features and changes in iOS 18 Beta 1, because there are still many things to share.

If you missed part 1, you can see it here👇

List Views in Apple Music

In Apple Music iOS 18, there is a new button when browsing Songs, Albums, or Playlists in the Library tab that allows you to view lists with different views.

You can now view Album and Playlist lists in List or Grid view, and there is also an option to sort Albums by release date.

Updated Recent Calls Tab

Apple has added a search bar to the Recent tab in the Phone app in iOS 18, so you can now search for recent calls without having to scroll through a long list.

The info button has now been replaced with a call button that allows you to quickly make a call. Caller photos and Posters now also appear in the Recent tab.

Linking Local Energy Provider in Home App

The Home app in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 allows users to link their local energy provider to view energy pricing plans, usage, peak/off-peak times, and recommendations for keeping bills low.

Credit image u/ Goody2shoesSF

This feature is currently only available in the United States with the provider PG&E in iOS 18 Beta 1.

New Media Controls in Photos

Apple has finally added a media control bar to the Photos app in iOS 18. With a design similar to the media control in Safari and TV app, you will now have a separate control bar that will not be confused with your photos or videos like in iOS 17 and earlier.

New Photos Settings

In the Photos app, you now have a new settings page that you can access by tapping on your profile picture in the top right corner.

These settings are also available in Settings > Apps > Photos, but Apple has put some of the most commonly used settings here so that you can access them more quickly.

Scrubbing Indicator in Podcasts

When you scrub through an episode in the Apple Podcasts app, you will now see a scrubbing time indicator.

In addition, when scrubbing in Podcasts, you can now move your finger up or down to adjust the scrubbing speed. There are three speeds: “Half-Speed Scrubbing,” “Quarter-Speed Scrubbing,” and “Fine-Speed Scrubbing,” which allow you to scrub to the exact spot you want in the podcast episode.

Nap Detection

watchOS 11 can detect if you take a nap and sync the recorded data with your iPhone.

Settings Search Suggestions

When you tap on the search bar in Settings, you’ll see a variety of new search suggestions, as well as your recent searches. Search results now also include their own icons.

Translation Language Suggestion

When the translation feature cannot detect the language you have selected, it will suggest the most likely language for you to choose. Before iOS 18, you had to manually select from a list of all languages.

Add Websites to Existing Passwords

The new Passwords app in iOS 18 finally allows you to add websites to existing passwords. Previously, there was no way to add additional websites to saved passwords.

Simply select the account you have saved in the Passwords app and tap Edit to add websites.

Apple Pay Now Available in More Browsers

Good news! Users can now make Apple Pay payments in any desktop web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, in iOS 18.

Previously, this feature was only available in Safari and on Mac. Expanding to more browsers, including those on Windows PCs, will make using Apple Pay much easier. Simply scan the code displayed in the browser with the Camera app on an iPhone running iOS 18 or later to complete your purchase on the iPhone.

Share Podcasts from a specific time

The Podcasts app also allows you to share from a specific time by pressing and holding the transcript segment you want to share and selecting “Share from…,” similar to how you share lyrics from Apple Music.

Add More Utility Albums to Photos

In addition to the overhaul of the Photos app, iOS 18 also adds several new Utility albums, including Handwriting, QR Codes, Recently Saved, Documents, and more.

Bulk Delete Songs in a Playlist

When editing a playlist in the Music app on iOS 18, you can now select multiple songs to delete at once. Previously, you had to delete each song from the playlist individually.

New Queue System in Apple Music

It seems that iOS 18 has a new queue system for Apple Music. The “Play Last” option has been changed to “Add to Queue” to add a song to the existing queue.

Custom Adaptive Audio on AirPods Pro 2

The AirPods firmware 7.0 Beta for AirPods Pro 2 includes a new option to customize Adaptive Audio. Besides the “Default” option, you can choose “Less Noise” to hear less environmental sound or “More Noise” if you want to hear more of the surrounding environment.

Note that this option requires AirPods Pro 2 to be updated to AirPods firmware 7.0 Beta. I have an installation guide if you’d like to try it: How to install AirPods beta firmware.

Image credit u/livetester0600

New Font in Spotlight Dictionary

When you search for a word in Spotlight, the dictionary results now use the New York font instead of the system font.

Refined App Icons

While there are no major design changes to app icons in iOS 18, Apple has refined many app icons, including Compass, Translate, Weather, Reminders, Watch, Caculator and more.

These changes are very subtle and hard to spot unless you have a keen eye.

Switch Cellular Data Line in Control Center

If you use dual SIMs, you can now long press on Cellular Data in Control Center to switch mobile data line.

Image credit u/htmlarson

Safari Search History Only Shows Links

iOS 18 has removed website titles when you long-press the “<” or “>” buttons in Safari, now only showing links. Previously, iOS 17 could show both the title and the website link.

New UI for Bluetooth and Local Network Access

When an app requests access to Bluetooth or your local network, the pop-up will now show available devices around you in real time

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