What's new in visionOS 1.1 Beta

Apple has released the first visionOS for Apple Vision Pro. Below are all the changes and additions in the visionOS 1.1 beta update.

How to download visionOS 1.1 beta :arrow_upper_right:

Improvements to Vision Pro Persona

Persona is your “true-space representation” when making video calls on Vision Pro, as the headset will mask your actual face. There have been some complaints about Persona when Vision Pro was delivered to customers, and it seems Apple has recognized this by quickly releasing a beta update to improve Persona.

Some Vision Pro owners after updating to visionOS 1.1 Beta feel that Persona overall looks more detailed and lively.

Please note that Apple still labels Persona as a “beta” feature on visionOS 1.1 Beta.

Working with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Starting from visionOS 1.1, Apple Vision Pro will handle MDM accounts just like on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This will truly unlock the usage of Apple Vision Pro for many people’s work, especially in enterprise environments.

For more details, Apple has MDM support documentation for the Apple Vision Pro available here.

Password Reset

Vision Pro relies on Optic ID - that is, your eyes - for authentication in most cases where a password is required. However, if you restart Vision Pro, you’ll be prompted to enter a password, and if you forget it, there’s no way other than taking Vision Pro back to the Apple Store for them to reset the password for you.

According to 9to5mac, visionOS 1.1 beta update has now added an option to allow users to reset the device’s password by erasing all data and without needing to take it to the Apple Store.

Support Contact Key Verification in iMessage

First released since iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, watchOS 9.2, and macOS 14.2 last year, Contact Key Verification is an optional advanced security feature in iMessage that allows users to manually verify the identity of the person they are messaging by directly comparing verification codes or through a phone call.

Credit @iDeviceHelp

Apple states that this feature will help prevent impersonation attacks by any party in an iMessage conversation.

Bring virtual 3D objects closer

In the Release Notes of visionOS 1.1 Beta, Apple states that Vision Pro users will be able to bring virtual objects much closer than before, allowing for easier direct interaction with three-dimensional content.