Welcome and Forum Guidelines

Hi there and welcome to our brand new forum. This is a place for our community (that’s you) to connect with each other, ask and answer each other’s questions, share feedback, and more!

To help you get the most out of this forum, we’ve put together the following guidelines. We want to make sure this site stays organized and that conversations stay constructive. Please make sure to take a moment to read them!

Community Guidelines

The Basics

:heart_decoration: Be kind and respectful
We welcome and encourage constructive conversations and healthy debate between community members. However, we will not tolerate harassment, threats, personal attacks, discrimination, or trolling of any kind. Again we want to make sure this community is a safe space for people of all backgrounds, identities, and beliefs.

:sparkles: Keep the forum organized
Help us keep the forum nice and tidy by searching for similar topics before posting a new one. Make sure to post in the proper category as well. If you’re unsure of which category to use or have other forum related questions, feel free to reach out to one of our moderators or admins.

:no_entry_sign: No Spam
No one likes spam! We don’t want to stop you from sharing your though or anything like that, just be mindful. Any off-topic or excessive promotion will be removed. If you come across something you think might be spam, please flag it and our moderators will address it from there.

Topic and Replies

:speaking_head: English only
A community always has members who speak different languages, but to facilitate the smooth exchange of information, we recommend using only English for posts and comments.

:memo: Be clear and concise
When posting new topics make sure that you have a descriptive title and body. Whether you’re sharing feedback or asking a question, make sure to include details, screenshots, links, etc. whenever applicable. This helps the community respond in a timely and appropriate manner and helps reduce duplicate topics.

:beetle: Reporting bugs
If you are reporting a bug from the version of the software you are using, it is for reference only for others, we cannot help you to fix it, the only way to do that is to report it in the Feedback app on your device, your report will be sent to Apple’s engineering team for review.

:heart: Share the love
Use the “like” feature on topics and comments to show your appreciation for it.

:bookmark: Bookmark your favorites
Topics can be easily bookmarked. Use this feature to collect your favorite topics or as a way to set reminders to respond or come back to a post later.