tvOS 17 Dev Beta refusing to install and reverts to tvOS 16.6 on restart

Hi there.

Just wanna ask, can you install the tvOS Developer Beta without a Dev account in this way?
I followed the popup message telling me to install a Dev Profile.

After installation and restart, tvOS 17 Dev Beta really did pop up on Software Updates.
Agreed on it > Download and Install > Finished > Applied the update > Restarted

But dudeee. My brother in Christ, after the update screen loading. iI restarted like nothing happened. The step 1: Preparing update did finished, but after it restart for Step 2: Applying update, I swear to God it went away after a split second.

I did go to General > About just to be sure. Dude it’s still on tvOS 16.6.

I did this 3 times. The download speed was fast. But it just won’t install tvOS?

Is it because Apple is crosschecking my Profile if I am a developer?
But the iOS 17 Dev Beta really did installed on my iPhone 14, without a Developer account.

Can anyone help me, troubleshoot or confirm this?

Apple has allowed free install Developer beta without requiring participation in the Apple Developer Program. Therefore, they won’t check anything.

I think it might be an issue with Apple’s server, so you can try again at a different time.