Say hi and introduce yourself!

Say hi and let the community know where you’re from, what Apple device you’re using, are you installing beta software? And anything else fun you’d like to share :blush:


Hey guys, it’s been a long time huh? Glad you guys are back.


hi im from england and i use a iphone 12 paired with a apple watch series 6 blue 40mm every day

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Hi @WilliamD @sickplayer124, welcome to the community :smiley:


ive been using beta profiles for ages its nice to see that youve made a comeback with a forum

i also play osu! and have a m2 macbook air in midnight

Hi everyone, I’m Bernard and new to this community.
Glad to see Beta profiles back, I missed you so much.
I’m not on beta right now because the recent ios 16.3 beta nothing new makes me want to upgrade.
Btw, I am using iphone 11 pro max, will upgrade next year :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! My name is Kyle and I own just about every device Apple has on the market.

Just a few of many:)))

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Hey @Kyle_Facciani and @Bernard! Welcome to the community :wave:

Damn, you’re such a big fan!!

I have a iPhone 14 Pro Max and a M1 MacBook Pro 1TB.