Q/A for BetaProfiles (iPhone)

Beta Profiles
Q: Where we can get a beta profiles now?
A: Public Betas are released by Apple to public, just sign in and download your profile on Apples’s page. Developer betas can be downloaded from Apple too, but you’ll need a special developer account & you need to buy it or you can just search on Google, there are similiar pages that looks exacly same as betaprofiles.

About Downgrading
Q: Can I downgrade my iPhone to iOS 15?
A: Yes, you can downgrade to iOS 15.7 unsigned version, search for a youtube tutorial, download iOS 15.7 RC version for your iPhone and flash it via iTunes, every iPhone is supported. (Use this tutorial from Saunders Tech)

About Stopping OTAs
Q: Can I stop OTA updates on my iPhone?
A: Yes, just DOWNLOAD tvOS Beta profile.