Problem with Siri on my iPhone 11 with iOS 18

Hi, so i updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 18 but Siri’s not working. Idk if it’s for my phone or just for the optimisation of this version. Anyway, if you had this problem and you solved it please lemme know how, thanks

Hi there,

Can you provide a more detailed description? What appears on the screen when Siri is activated? Does “Hey Siri” work? If you have screenshots, that would be great.

Please note that the Siri feature integrated with the new Apple Intelligence is not available in this update but will be included in upcoming beta updates in the fall.

Additionally, please try restarting your iPhone, as it may fix many issues in some cases.

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I had to factory reset my phone and download the backup from my icloud and it started workin again perfectly. But yea, those 2-3 days before i did that it was very annoying

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I have installed IOS 18 on an iPhone 11, and everything has run smoothly, nothing heavy has been noticed, and yes, we must keep in mind that the “older” our devices are, we will not have all the features of the new IOS 18, apart from the fact that some will be implemented next year. Cheer up SalvaChn! :+1:t2:

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