I lost my phone


What happens if your telephone device is lost or is stolen?

How can I determine if my phone will work with GPS??

as I could solve this problem thanks

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You can use the iCloud website to locate your lost iPhone.

  1. Sign in to Find Devices - Apple iCloud using your Apple ID used on the lost device.
  2. Select your device from the left column to see its location on the map.

If no location is found, use “Mark as Lost” to protect your data.

From iPhone 11 onwards, you can locate the device even when it’s powered off.

Note that thieves may send you fake messages claiming that your iPhone has been found and provide a phishing link to an Apple ID page. Do not enter any information into these fake links.

I hope you get your iPhone back :four_leaf_clover:


What iPhone model do you have? Since from iPhone 12 although the device disconnects it will be sending its location from time to time, anyway if you have it with your Apple ID you will see it in the Find app (on an iPad or a Mac), and there you will be able to know where it is or at least the last time it connected. I hope you’re lucky, friend!! :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

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