How to fix "Your Apple ID is not eligible..." when you get iOS 18 Beta

When you install iOS 18 Beta, it asks you to log in to the Apple Developer Center with your Apple ID. However, some users have reported receiving the message “Your Apple ID is not eligible to use this application at this time” when trying to log in to the Apple Developer Center. Here’s how to fix it.

Sign in with email instead of phone number

Most people who encounter this message have logged into the Apple Developer website using the phone number linked to their Apple ID. Therefore, the quick fix is to log in using the email address you registered with your Apple ID instead of the phone number.

Sign in to the Apple Developer App

  1. Download the Apple Developer app from the App Store. [link download]
  2. Open the downloaded app and tap on the Account tab.
  3. Tap Sign In and sign in with your Apple ID.

Use a Different Apple ID

Apple allows you to use a different Apple ID to receive beta updates, so you don’t need to use the same ID that’s logged in on your device.

You can use a second Apple ID to log in to the Apple Developer Center website, then use this ID to sign in under Settings - General - Software Update - Beta Updates.

Sign up for an Apple ID with email

If the three methods above still don’t help you get the iOS 18 Developer Beta option, then create a new Apple ID with your email address. Then you can use it to log in to Settings - General - Software Update - Beta Updates.


This problem can also occur when Apple updates the database of both developers and publishes, if you do not have access in 24 hours, you send an email to Support, they verify and update.

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