Help to upgrade IOS of an Ipad air 1 and an Iphone 5s

Hi everyone,

I have an old Ipad 1 and an Iphone 5s, they work great but I can’t install new apps there. In many youtube videos I saw the website was used to install some beta profiles in those devices to upgrade them a little bit. I know it wasn’t a complete upgrade but it seems it helped to add new features to them.

However, this is new to me and I just got the news that the betaprofiles official page is down sadly.

Could you recommend me an alternative to find the profiles for my devices? or can you tell another way I could use to upgrade their IOS ?

Thanks a lot and have a nice one!!

Hi pingu, welcome to the community!

It’s pointless to install a beta profile for a device that’s not supported by Apple, it won’t help your device get the latest updates. These devices are too outdated because the hardware is no longer powerful enough to run new updates.

I consider such videos to be clickbait and it really offers no value other than making money for the people who make those videos.

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