Does Anyone Have The Developer iPadOS Beta Profile?

Hello! If you have the dev profile for iPadOS I would greatly appreciate it if you could share it with me!


check your dm


Please, can you shared with me?

Ty in advance

I’m looking to downgrade to 15.6RC. Do you that have one? If so, can you please help? :slight_smile:


Download the iOS 15.6 RC .ipsw file from TheiPhoneWiki, then restore through iTunes/Finder.

Thanks so much! I actually ended up figuring it out. :slight_smile:

May i have dev profile?

Do u want to share it with me too boss :slight_smile:

Installing a beta profile at this time is no longer effective as the beta profile will be automatically removed immediately after installation. I recommend you to download the .ipsw files to your computer and then update through iTunes.

Same here! Can anyone please it

iPadOS 16 beta profiles: