Connects to iPhone problem

Hello, I know there can be bugs in betas. But there are also solutions to some bugs. Is there a solution for this error? I can’t connect iPhone.

Notifications from my phone come to my Mac. But I can’t get an image.

iPhone : iOS 18 beta 3 15Pro
Mac : macOS 15 beta 2 M1 mini 2020

Were you able to use iPhone Mirroring before?

I also encountered an issue where I couldn’t connect my iPhone to my Mac, and here are the things I tried that worked:

  • Restart both your iPhone and Mac.
  • Try disconnecting Wi-Fi on both your iPhone and Mac, then reconnect.
  • Check if you have a VPN enabled on your iPhone or Mac.
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Continuity > iPhone Mirroring and delete your Mac shown here, then try connecting again.

I hope this helps get iPhone Mirroring working for you.

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Unfortunately. I switched to the beta as soon as I heard about Mirroring, but I couldn’t use it at all. iPhone reset, mac reset, but still Mirroring didn’t work.
I don’t use VPN
They are connected to the same wifi networks
They have the same icloud accounts

(Go to Mirroring and delete your Mac shown here, then try connecting again.) I haven’t tried this, has it changed with Beta 3? There is no iPhone mirroring setting in ‘AirPlay and Continuity’

This iPhone Mirroring option has been available since iOS 18 Beta 2, and it looks like this.

Okay, let’s try this last method: forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect to see if it works.

I turned off wifi and bluetooth and it tried to connect again. I guess because the cable is plugged into my Mac. So I’ve done a wired connection test. It stays on the connecting screen again
I reconnected after forgetting the wifi, same thing again.
I need this feature. I hope this problem will be fixed. I gave feedback. If it is not fixed in macos15 beta 3, it will upset me a lot.

I believe Apple will improve this feature in macOS Sequoia beta 3. Some users on X have also reported that this feature has recently stopped working; personally, I cannot use the keyboard and iPhone screen, which is quite laggy on Mac.

If you belong to the EU, iPhone Mirroring does not work yet, until they find the agreement with the EU. :cry: :cry:

I live in Turkey :slight_smile:

I said, even if you are not within the EU, I think it affects you too, so you have to wait or what was said above, create a new ID with US origin, but I would recommend what Betaprofiles says, I would wait for its implementation or activation. :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

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I can use iPhone Mirroring on my iPhone 15 Pro Max on iOS18 Beta2 and macOS15 Beta2 on M3 Max. However, after upgrading to iOS18 Beta3, I cannot use iPhone Mirroring. In the airplay settings of iOS18 Beta3, I I can’t see iPhone Mirroring. I tried going back to Airplay in iOS18 Beta2 settings and iPhone Mirroring appeared, but I still can’t use iPhone Mirroring on Mac.

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macOS Sequoia Beta 3 has been released. Have you updated yet? And is iPhone Mirroring working again?

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I have updated MacOS 15 Beta3, and it is still unusable in the same situation as Beta2. I have Feedack for apple.


logging out of iCloud and back in on both my Mac and iPhone allowed me to set up mirroring again.


Congratulations Edisontu, I guess you were able to do it from a country outside the EU. :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

Welcome LanNou82966, I hope they tell you something with the Feedback, although from experience they only receive Feedback, they never answer but I guess they will take it into account. :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

Yes,I’m from Taiwan
My reply is to LanNou82966.maybe I didn’t do it well

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