How to get iOS 17.4 Developer beta for free, without needing a beta profile

well, iPadOS 17 Developer Beta is being prepared, so it seems like its working, but Beta Updates also just turned off again :confused: I guess we’ll see if it works when the update installs

OK it verified, so it seems good :smiley:

@betaprofiles are you able to test a couple apps for me? I would like to know if some apps work before I update

Which apps?

Never mind. I updated all apps work

How is the battery life because everyone was saying not to do it due to battery life is like really bad.

Im having no issues. Lowest I got so far is 75% but note I have it on the charger at work most of the time when I’m in my office.

You hit any issues yet? Was thinking of waiting till July when they said the Public Beta would be out.

still no issues on my end. Got watchOS10 and iOS 17 running on my watch and my iPhone 12 (which is my main drive)

Is it a pain to switch from Dev to Beta when it comes out? just a matter if swapping it int he profile section and rebooting?

that I’m not so sure about

I’m already used this feature and it’s very cool!

I think switching between Public beta and Developer won’t be complicated, just select “iOS 17 Public Beta” in Beta Updates settings when it is released in July.

If the iOS 17 Public Beta has a different build number than the iOS 17 Dev Beta, the update will be pushed to your device.

I’m having an issue where after installing my device resprings after putting in my password/ Face ID. Won’t even let me complete the setup. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Luckily I was able to restore back to 16.6 db 2.

Have you updated via OTA or iTunes, and is your device currently stuck or functioning normally?

It worked

I’ve tried both ways. My device runs perfectly fine

The beta just breaks my phone for whatever reason

Thanks! Now I can update my iPhone!!!

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